Glass Top Dining Table

People often decorate their houses with beautiful show pieces, paintings, curtains, carpets and lovely flowers. But we forget that furniture is an important part of interior decoration. Gorgeous furniture does not need any other accessories for decorating the homes. Such furniture provides an awesome look to the houses thereby adding to the accessories for interior decoration.

Dining spaces are an important part of our homes. Dining spaces are meant for common eating place which can be decorated with gorgeous glass top dining table. These are available in many shapes and sizes and are made up of many materials like wood top, steel top, glass top, plastics top and many more. However, with glass tops are of recent attraction that are available in stores and gives the most elegant look to the dining spaces in our homes.

Glass Top Dining Table

Why invest ?

Dining room is the centre of home entertaining to accommodate family and friends together for lunch, dinner or for any small tea party. These tables last long and look very attractive. These tables if kept properly can last long from generations to generations. These tables give a modern look to your dining rooms so it is always worthwhile to invest on such tables thereby changing the moods of your guests.

Types of Glass Top Dining Table

are available in many shapes varying from round, oval, square to rectangular shapes with many attractive designs mentioned below

a)    Dark cherry finish set available at $739

b)    With resin base with palm tree leaf design available at $180

c)    European set with black and silver six chairs available at $790

d)    5 piece set with 4 tan chairs available at $200

e)    Round with 5 chairs available at $255

f)    Archetype with 6 chairs, 2 leaves and beveled glass top available at $1000

g)    Traditional round with six chairs available at $1979

h)    Casuals dining room kitchen table set available at $61

i)    Glass top horse with six chairs available at $1499

j)    Grand view dining room table set available at $769

k)    Swan available at $55 and many more

All of them provide an elegant look to your dining room and are also available in your nearest store but easiest ways to pick them up is by ordering them online and get the door step service. Interestingly one may also order for making a glass top dining table according to his or her choice by giving own design, size and shape.

Tips for selecting a dining table- firstly consider the size of the size of the space available in the dining room. Often round dining tables are suitable for small spaces but if you have dining halls then select big dining table set to cover the whole space and also for accommodating all members. Secondly, consider your family size, a family with four members can easily fit them in a four chair set. A large or joint family needs a six to ten set chairs. Thirdly, think before purchasing whether you can maintain the dining set properly if not then it is advisable to purchase a traditional wooden dining set that requires less maintenance. Fourthly, consider your budget before purchasing. Elegant look dining tables are also available in reasonable prices and ranges up to high price. So, select the one that are within your budget.

Purchasing a beautiful dining table is not sufficient to give a unique look to you dining spaces unless you know the proper art to maintain it. Cleaning is an important part of maintenance. These are very sophisticated and easily get scratched in case of any negligence. Once you touch the glass top you can observe some signs of fingerprints, smudges over the table which are required to be cleaned all the time and if neglected the dining set will lose its glamour gradually.

a)    Place mats to prevent scratching
b)    Educate your family to keep their hands away from the glass top
c)    Use isopropyl rubbing alcohol with sponge for cleaning.